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Why You Need an Emergency Binder Now

No one likes to think about a catastrophic event happening that would put their family in jeopardy–but it happens every day. You’ve got your emergency food ready, first aid kits, as well as bugout bags with everything you need in case of a disaster. But what about an emergency binder? Being prepared for such an event by having a family emergency binder could save you time, distress, and money.

What is an Emergency Binder?

An emergency binder is a tool with all the family reference information about finances, medical, culture, traditions, insurance, burial preferences, and anything else a family may need to know following a death or other catastrophic event. There should be information about how to pay specific bills and all the passwords to online accounts.

How is an Emergency Binder Used?

Anyone who has lost a loved one and tried to sort out all the life information after their passing can understand the value of an emergency binder. Or imagine if your spouse or even an adult child became incapacitated in some way–would you know how to handle everything?

If you don’t have a reference to guide you, paperwork, guesswork, and investigating every facet of their life must be dealt with along with the emotional process of grieving their loss. It can become unbearable for most people.

An emergency binder helps bring peace of mind

Another use for an emergency binder is the possibility that you may be required to be under quarantine while visiting another country. There were many people isolated during the past pandemic. Having an emergency binder would reduce the turmoil of the disrupted business of life that continues, even if the main person is not present.

Also, emergency binders can be a simple tool used as a checklist when a person moves. If you can reference all your essential documents in one place, you won’t forget to pack a birth certificate or social security information.

Emergency Binders have been lifesavers for people who have needed to evacuate due to a wildfire, hurricane, or other natural disasters. When you have to save the life of your family and animals and do not have the time to worry about paperwork, grabbing one binder on the way to safety is when you will genuinely appreciate the condensed version of your life in binder form.

What Should You Include in an Emergency Binder?

Having a well-organized emergency binder with precise information is the goal. You can create a binder cluttered with useless information that buries the important needed facts, so keeping it simple will be an advantage.

Documents: Copies of birth certificates, picture ID, social security cards, wills, advanced directives, powers of attorney, life insurance policies, vehicle titles, and homeowners or renters insurance policies. Include a cover sheet that lists the documents with policy numbers and contact information for attorneys and insurance companies.

Family Information: Emergency contacts, family members, next of kin, and neighbors, along with all of their contact information, and include who should care for children, property, or animals if needed. Listing the family’s animals and their idiosyncrasies may save a pet’s life.

Medical Information: Each family member’s doctors and specialists with all their contact information. Copies of all medical insurance cards and contact information. List all medications for each family member–including prescriptive instructions.

Have a list of your family’s medication prescriptions

Financial Information: Each family member’s banking, investment, and income streams, along with all account numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and institutional contacts, should be noted. Don’t forget to include all the websites and passwords for each account.

Other Information: A short scenario of how the family successfully functions, their religious beliefs, cultures, and routines are always helpful. Include “how to” information about anything challenging to assisting the family during a catastrophe.

An emergency binder may take a while to complete, and when you do, be sure and store it in a fireproof safe that is easily accessible. When you need it, you’ll be ecstatic that you spent the time to prepare it.

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