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Nutrition Engineered for Survival

SOS Food Lab is excited to announce that Survivor Industries has joined our organization, becoming one of several SOS manufacturing centers in the United States. This acquisition allows us to enhance our global capabilities and address emergency situations year-round, no matter where they happen.
Please contact David Mills with any questions at or 305-594-9933.

Survivor Industries

No one can predict when disaster will strike—but preparedness can mitigate the aftershocks of natural disasters, acts of terror, war and unforeseen calamity. SOS Food Lab provides emergency food and water rations you can rely on.

Think of SOS Food Lab for:

  • Best-tasting, freshest formulas
  • 5-year shelf life even in extreme conditions
  • Non-thirst provoking recipes
  • Nutritionally balanced for survival
  • Convenient easy-to-use packaging
  • Ready at a moment's notice

3600 Kcal Emergency Food Rations

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New Millennium Energy Bars

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Emergency Drinking Water

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