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Amazing Uses of Super Glue for Emergencies

Let’s talk about glue. No, not Elmer’s. We’re talking super strong, super convenient, and super available, super glue. Usually stuffed at the bottom of a junk drawer, this potent item has a surprising amount of temporary remedies for both health and repair. It’s one of the first things we go to for a quick fix of a broken shoe or an elementary school project, but it’s also convenient for an emergency situation, where it has the potential to save your life. Storing super glue for future use may be one of the smartest things you can do to prepare for the unexpected.

It’s not the first thing you think of when picturing super glue, but it may be an incredible tool in your first aid kit. In an article from the Mayo Clinic, super glue may be a viable option as a skin adhesive in case of an emergency. This means, should you get a pretty bad cut and you can’t find access to a hospital immediately, you could actually super glue your skin to stop bleeding until you can get proper medical treatment. According to the New York Times, soldiers used super glue to seal battle wounds before surgery. Although doctors wouldn’t exactly recommend using household super glue continually to close up wounds instead of going to the emergency room, they couldn’t deny that many people have been successful doing so.

Closing wounds on arms and legs is important, but what about your mouth? The same components of super glue are also in the medical version, called Dermabond, and in a hospital in Northern, PA, they use it to plug cavities, said the Wall Street Journal. Patients who entered the emergency room in Bethlehem, PA for a cavity ache were given the bonding agent until they could visit the doctor. “The business end of the sticky stuff is cyanoacrylate, the key chemical in super glue and Krazy Glue that you might have in your toolbox,” said the article. In all cases pain lessened dramatically within an hour and was nearly gone within 24 to 48 hours. When medical attention is out of reach for some time it’s good to know that super glue could lessen the pain should dental work be necessary.

super glue for outdoor activities
Super glue can be a life saver

We all know super glue is good for small projects and quick fixes, but if you really think about it, patching up that ceramic bowl or fixing a pair of glasses could save you a ton of money, not to mention the convenience and safety of staying at home. You can use it to fix minor car repairs like cracked lights or disconnected mirrors, said Readers’ Digest. It’s also incredible for mending fabric, like tents, and repairing frayed cords. Put some glue on the fraying edges of a power cord and it will extend its life, said Readers’ Digest. super glue also works in water, so if your hose needs a seal or if a rack needs extra tightening in the shower, this will help. That little tube can bridge the gap between a broken item and buying a new one in a pinch.

Adding Super Glue in Your First Aid Kit

Super glue, it turns out, is an amazing item to have in your tool bag. If you’re looking to expand your first aid kit or preparing a space for the unexpected, include this awesome product. Super glue may be disregarded in our everyday lives, maybe being used a handful of times a year, but in an emergency, it could extend life to objects, and in extreme cases, extend your own life.

first aid kit
Do you have superglue in your first aid kit?

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