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The Ultimate Winter Survival Kit: What You Need

Hunkering down and getting warm and cozy is the theme of every winter, especially around the holidays. In our homes we’re thinking of things like fluffy blankets, warm drinks, fleece-lined slippers, and thick robes. Even in our cars we can make a case for cozy items, but the winter weather can sometimes go beyond hygge culture and into more survival mode. Severe weather and freezing temperatures can turn from cozy to scary in minutes. That’s why it’s so important to be prepared, in your house and out.

The word here is preparation. Unless you’ve got your ducks in a row, you’re going to be in a pickle should there be a winter storm and/or a power outage in your home. Here’s what a good prep plan should include, according to the CDC. Weather proofing your home is the first step. This could include insulating water lines and walls, repairing leaking roofs, weather stripping doors and windows, and cutting away any tree branches that could potentially fall on your home. The CDC also recommends installing a smoke detector and battery operated carbon monoxide detectors and to have your furnace system checked yearly, if you have one.

winter storm prepping
Don’t get caught unprepared during a winter storm

Once your house prep is in order, there are a few items you should keep on hand for severe winter weather. Extra batteries for radios and flashlights, any medications that need filling, and the needs of any pets in the house is a great place to start, says Gathering supplies when you know a storm is coming is the smartest way to avoid an emergency, says the article.

Winter Prepping your Car

Ok, so your home is prepped and you’ve got all the flashlights, batteries, cat food, and smoke detectors you could ever need. What about your car? Of course the number one rule is to stay off the road during bad weather, says the CDC (and every single emergency resource ever), but if you need to be on the road, or if you’re caught by surprise, keeping a supply of items will help. If you are trapped in your car, stay inside, says, and limit your exposure to the outside if you are able to leave. A few basic items like an ice scraper, portable shovel, first aid kit, water, and long lasting food (like granola, protein bars and SOS emergency food rations) are excellent emergency items, says Consumer Reports. You can buy already made kits pretty much everywhere, online and in stores, but you can also make your own and tune it more to your personal needs. Consider keeping an emergency thermal blanket, says The Daily Beast. They’re very portable and are used by NASA, says the article.

car safety in the winter
You car needs safety items in case of an emergency

Another item that could be very useful is a solar power bank to charge phones and other devices. It’s good for about 4-5 charges and automatically powers up again with sunlight. Hand warmers are another simple and effective item, says Daily Beast. If there’s no heat in your car, these little packets will help keep you warm and could help in preventing frostbite. Once you’re able to get yourself back on the road, you’ll be grateful you thought ahead.

This winter, keep your cozy culture fresh, your mugs full of warm drinks, and don’t be caught off-guard by winter storms and power outages. Staying safe is the most important thing to keep in mind, then it’s enjoying watching the snow fall from outside your windows while knowing you’ve got everything under control. 

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