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Survival Food

Delivers the balanced nutrition your body needs to maintain peak performance, offering hours of sustained energy in a single pack. Specially designed for the preparedness, marine and government markets.

Some products are enhanced with natural flavorings.

1000 KCAL Aviation Food Rations

2000 KCAL Aviation Food Rations

2000 KCAL Mining Food Rations

2400 KCAL Lifeboat and Life raft
Food Rations

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We’re always innovating, creating new products with food additives like vitamins, and water additives like electrolytes, with our partner and customer needs in mind.

Thank you so much for your help and wonderful attitude. I appreciate your quick work to get the products we needed to us fast. I will definitely be an SOS customer from now on – and will encourage everyone else in the industry to do the same!!

Charity – CSU Global