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Nutrition Engineered for Survival

First in Emergency Food in Every Way

Founded in 1984, SOS Food Lab was the first manufacturer of food rations in North America. To this day, we remain the only manufacturer of emergency food rations that prepares each batch using wholesome, raw ingredients in our Miami headquarters. SOS maintains manufacturing and distribution centers on the east & west coasts of the United States, strategically located near modern international seaports to ensure that shipments go out daily, without fail. We work with 200+ distributors worldwide to further ensure supplies remain available year-round, around the globe. While our facilities meet the unofficial industry “gold standard” set by the Coast Guard, our manufacturing process and products currently hold nine certifications (see list below), with more on the way. For more information about the certifications we hold, please Contact Us.

As a company with a conscience, SOS Food Lab plays an active role in rescue operations and humanitarian efforts in on virtually every continent on earth.

International Certifications & Credentials

Our staff, facilities and merchandise meet the most rigorous criteria for sanitation, packaging, quality and taste. But don’t take our word for it: we hold the following certifications, with more on the way.

USCG Approval No: 160.026/65/0
USCG Approval No: 160.026/69/0
USCG Approval No: 160.046/24/0
USCG Approval No: 160.046/25/0
USCG Approval No: 160.046/36/0
Maritime New Zealand Approval No: LSA/EFWR/2015/1
Lloyd's Register Approval No: MCA 1550004
Lloyd's Register Approval No: S150025
Lloyd's Register Approval No: S150026